Tiramisu recipe

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Everybody knows tiramisu and everybody returns to it in their own specific manner. In any case, where does it originate from and when was it created? Here is the historical backdrop of tiramisu. 


Allergens: Lactose-eggs-coffee

✔️As is frequently the situation, it is hard to decide the exact source of a dish. In any case, one thing is sure: tiramisu originates from Italy. Its Italian spelling is tirami sù, which actually signifies "pull me up", in the ethical feeling of perking somebody up, or in the physical sense. 
*Tiramisu en verrine

✔️Tiramisu is a sweet whose base is made out of eggs, sugar, cold espresso, liquor mascarpone (Marsala or Amaretto) to douse a delicate treat (boudoir, wipe cake, spoon treat) and cocoa powder. 

✔️Arranged independently, these fixings are then superimposed in progressive layers. 

✔️So it is an Italian pastry, however, where does it originate from? No one truly knows, and a few legends are circling. Here is a couple of them: 

✔️The first is that tiramisu was developed in Tuscany toward the finish of the sixteenth century. It is said to have been made particularly for the visit of Cosme III de Medici, Duke of Tuscany, to Siena. This one would have loved it so much that it would have become his preferred sweet and would have made it known all through Italy by taking it back to the court of Florence. The mascarpone was added to the formula in Treviso.

🚩Ingredients : 

for 06 to 08 person 
✔️250 g of mascarpone
✔️50 g of sugar
✔️25 cl of very very strong coffee
✔️20 to 30 spoon cookies
✔️5 tablespoons of Amaretto
✔️4 extra fresh eggs
✔️100 g Bitter cocoa powder#Tiramisu

🚩Instructions :


1.  Gently break the eggs, separating the whites from the yolks.
2.  Whisk the yolks and sugar until the mixture becomes slightly foamy.
3.  Add the mascarpone while stirring until a homogeneous cream is obtained.#Tiramisu
4.  Beat the egg whites until stiff, add them to the cream, lifting the mass to retain as much air as possible.
5.  Mix the alcohol and coffee in a soup plate, quickly dip the cookies in it without soaking them completely.
6.  Place the first layer of cookies at the bottom of a rectangular dish.
7.  Cover with half of the mascarpone cream, then again with coffee-soaked cookies, and finally with the second half of the mascarpone cream.
8.  Cover the #tiramisu with a film and place it in the refrigerator for at least 12 hours, ideally 24 hours, before tasting it.#Tiramisu
9.   With a fine sieve, sprinkle the tiramisu with a cloud of cocoa bitter just before serving.#Tiramisu

🚩 Tips :


⚜️The tiramisu should be prepared at least 12 hours in advance so that the cookies absorb the humidity of the cream. 24 hours in advance is even better!

⚜️You can also put grated chocolate and some coffee beans coated with chocolate.

⚜️If you've ever had the problem of tiramisu being too soft when you try to serve it in individual portions, here are my tips :

⚜️You can put the dish in the freezer and cut it into individual pieces when it has hardened enough.

⚜️You can prepare it directly in individual cuts.#Tiramisu

    Enjoy it...Bon appetit

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