Baklava recipe

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Discover the recipe of Baklava, the irresistible sweetness with excellence 

dried fruits, cinnamon, orange blossom, honey, all in a crispy puff pastry...


Gluten free-lactose-nuts 

       ⚜️Dessert from around the Mediterranean, Greece, Maghreb. 

Baklava (from the Persian bâqlavâ) is a traditional dessert common to all peoples of Persia and the former Ottoman Empire. It is the national cake in Bulgaria,  Greece,  Turkey, and in the kitchens of the Balkans (Albania, Bosnia, Serbia,  Croatia,  and Romania), the Middle East, and the Maghreb. This dessert is also widespread among Armenians and Cypriots.


✔️The origins of the baklava are rather unknown. According to the sources, they would be located either in Central Asia, in ancient Greece, or in Syria. It seems that it is during the Byzantine period that its trade and its recipe spread. The layers of dough that form it are traditionally 33 in number, referring to the years of Christ's life. Its present form was fixed in the kitchens of the Topkapi Palace in Istanbul. The cradle of baklava is in Gaziantep, according to Turkish popular belief.

*Pistachio Baklava:

Easy way to wrap:



✔️There are many variations, depending on the terroirs and regions. It is a rather sweet dish made of phyllo pastry, sugar syrup (replaced by honey in Greece), and, depending on the recipes, pistachios, walnuts, or hazelnuts.

*Pistachio Baklava roll:

Easy way to wrap:



✔️The baklava is a long dessert to be realized because it is made of thin sheets of dough buttered or oiled one by one, superimposed in a round or square dish, or rolled upon themselves.

✔️A mixture of finely ground and crushed dried fruit is placed between the leaves, which are then cooked and soaked in sugar water (with lemon juice to avoid caramelization), honey, or orange or rose flower water. Sometimes ground cloves are added.

Easy way to wrap:

🚩Ingredients : 

for 04 to 06 person     

 *Honey Syrup

✔️250 ml (1 cup) sugar

✔️250 ml (1 cup) of water

✔️180 ml (¾ cup) honey

✔️15 ml (1 tablespoon) lemon juice

✔️1 long lemon zest

✔️1 stick of cinnamon

✔️1 clove


✔️250 ml (1 cup) blanched whole almonds

✔️250 ml (1 cup) unsalted pistachios

✔️375 ml (1 ½ cup) walnuts

✔️30 ml (2 tablespoons) sugar

✔️1 to 2.5 ml (¼ to ½ tsp) ground cinnamon

✔️12 sheets of phyllo pasta, defrosted

✔️180 ml (¾ cup) semi-salted butter, melted

🚩Instructions :

✔️Place the rack in the center of the oven. Preheat the oven to 150 °C (300 °F). Butter a 33 X 23 cm (13 X 9 in.) baking pan.

*Honey syrup

✔️In a saucepan, bring all ingredients to a boil and stir until sugar is dissolved. Let cool and refrigerate.


1. In a food processor, finely chop almonds and pistachios. Set aside in a bowl. Chop the walnuts separately, as they are softer and quickly turn into a paste. Transfer to the bowl with the almonds and pistachios. Add the sugar and cinnamon. Mix well. Set aside.

2. On a work surface, brush four sheets of phyllo dough with butter, stacking them on top of each other. Fold the pasta in half widthwise to obtain a rectangle the same size as the baking dish and place them in the bottom of the dish. Spread one-third of the nut mixture on the bottom of the dish.

3. Brush two more sheets of phyllo dough with butter and fold in half in the same way. Place them in the dish and spread one-third of the nut mixture on them. Repeat with two more sheets of phyllo and the remaining nuts. Finish with the remaining four sheets by repeating the same operation as step 4. Brush with butter.

4. Using a sharp knife, cut the baklava into five strips lengthwise. Then cut into eight strips on the bias. Bake in the oven for about 1 hour and 15 minutes or until the dough is golden brown.

5. As soon as the baklava comes out of the oven, pour the cooled syrup over the entire surface of the baklava, removing the zest and spices. Leave to cool at room temperature for about 6 hours or overnight.

6. To finish, Cut the baklava and enjoy it.


🚩 Tips :

                     Tips and Tricks
Sprinkle with warm honey or syrup as soon as you take it out of the oven, put it back into the oven when it is turned off, and leave it to sit overnight. 
Cut out the lozenges, remove them and place them in boxes.
The Baklawa keeps very well in a cool place and can be frozen. 

Enjoy it...Bon appetit

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