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Weekend Dessert...all the child is happy

At Candlemas or (Mardi Gras) in France, the tradition is to make pancakes. In Brittany, pancakes are part of the local culture and are often eaten sweetened with wheat flour or salted with buckwheat flour. Only here, no good pancakes without a good pancake batter that is simple and quick to make! The pancake recipe will please all gourmets and sweet mouths :


Allergens: Lactose-Gluten free

     ✔️My quick and easy recipe for French crepes. Easy to make for a

          delicious result. They are golden, fluffy, and flavorsome and not too 

          sweet  (which allows you to put whatever tasty filling you like in them :). 

    ✔️I’m sharing all my tips with you to make sure they are going to be a success.

         I usually grease my frying pan with butter every other three crepes. I put them 

        aside under some foil before serving them so that they remain warm

        and soft. 

    ✔️I would also like to suggest a great recipe to make fluffy and crispy 

         waffles, one for Nutella crepes or another version for richer Candlemas crepes

         which is also excellent. If you are interested in my recipe for Crepes Suzette

         or the Tiramisu crepes, check them out!

      🚩Ingredients : 

          for 04 to 06 person 

      ✔️250g sifted all-purpose flour (2 cups)
      ✔️4 eggs
      ✔️450ml lukewarm milk (a bit less than 2 cups)
      ✔️2 tbsp amber rum or orange blossom water, or ½ glass beer
      ✔️1 tbsp vanilla extract
      ✔️2 tbsp sugar
      ✔️1 pinch of salt50g melted butter (¼ cup)

     🚩Instructions :

       1. Soften the margarine in the microwave and warmth the milk which must
         be delicately tepid (to maintain a strategic distance from irregularities in
         the hitter) 

      2. Blend the filtered flour, the sugar, and the salt in a blending bowl. 
          You can supplant 50g (⅓ cup) of flour with some cornstarch on the off
          chance that you need your crepes to be more crunchy. 

      3. Include the eggs, the softened margarine, and afterward slowly add the 
          milk while speeding to abstain from making bumps in the hitter. 

      4. Include the brew or the rum, or the orange bloom water and let the 
           player represent 30 minutes before cooking. 

      5. Oil your dish with a little spread and empty the hitter into the skillet utilizing
           a spoon. 

     6. Cook on each side until brilliant earthy colored. 

     7. Set the crepes aside on a plate as you come, and put a bit of foil over them
        to keep them warm and delicate. You ought to have the option to
        make  somewhere in the range of 15 and 20 crepes with a 20 cm container 
       (8-inch dish).


                      *DIETICS :

        ✔️Nutritional value per 100g: 300 kcal

           🚩 Tips :

                                  Tips and Tricks

       ✔️There are several recipes for simple and quick pancake batter,

           sweet or savory, that will please everyone. The pancake batter is a

           rather simple 

           base, you just have to decorate it according to your desires: 

           Suzette pancake, buckwheat pancake, or simply chocolate pancake

          or butter pancake. In the purest tradition, we advise you to eat your

          pancakes accompanied by raw cider.

       Enjoy it...Bon appetit 

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