Hummus recipe

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 Hummus Lebanese recipe..YUMMY!!!

I propose Hummus a Lebanese recipe which is a delicious Middle Eastern dip,

 a creamy paste made of cooked chickpeas, lemon juice, and tahini which

 is served as an aperitif with pita bread. By mixing these ingredients we

 obtain a smooth and velvety puree.


Allergens: Lactose-cheese-gluten free

The word hummus literally translates from the Arabic word chickpea. 

Its origins are suspected to be from the Shami region (Lebanon/Palestine/Syria/Jordan).

A few years ago a group of Lebanese chefs created the largest hummus

 plate in the world weighing more than 2 tons.

Humus is the most famous mezze in Lebanon. An express and economical

 recipe that will bring an oriental touch to a dinner with friends.

                                                        ⚜️  If you use dry chickpeas :

✔️Soak the chickpeas in a large container filled with water (the water must

 be above the level of the chickpeas).

✔️The next day the chickpeas will swell. Pour them into a pot or a deep pan

 and add water and place them on the fire.

✔️When the water starts to boil and a foam will form on the surface, skim 

it off. Reduce the heat and simmer with the lid on but leave a small 

opening. Let cook 1h30 (add water if necessary).

✔️At the end of the cooking time you should be able to crush the chickpeas

 easily. Keep a small amount of cooking water for the next steps below.

                                                     ⚜️  If canned chickpeas are used:

✔️Drain the chickpeas (keep a small amount of chickpea water) and remove

 the skin, it's a bit long, Mr. can help you 

✔️Place the chickpeas in a blender, add the degermed garlic cloves and

 the lemon juice and tahini. Press the button and blend while adding the

 olive oil in a stream until you obtain a homogeneous and velvety paste.

 Season with salt and pepper.

✔️If you find that the hummus is thick, extend it with the reserved chickpea water.

✔️Serve in small soup plates sprinkled with cumin, paprika, chopped parsley

 and drizzle with olive oil.

✔️Serve with pita bread!!!!

         🚩Ingredients : 

      for 04 to 06 person 

  •      ✔️500 g chickpeas
  •      ✔️3 cloves of garlic
  •      ✔️1 laurel leaf
  •      ✔️2 lemons
  •     ✔️Very fruity olive oil or sesame oil
  •     ✔️Paprika
  •     ✔️Hot pepper powder
  •     ✔️Black olives

🚩Instructions :

1.The day before, soak the chickpeas in cold water.
2.Put them in 2 l of cold water with the bay leaf and 1 clove of garlic, bring
 to the boil and leave to cook for 1.5 to 2 hours.
3.Add salt and pepper halfway through cooking.
4.Drain the chickpeas, keep the cooking water.
5.Blend the chickpeas into a purée, put them back into a saucepan and
 heat over low heat.
6.Whisk in 10 cl of lukewarm oil, add a little cooking juice and lemon juice.
7.Mash the garlic in a mortar with 2 spoonfuls of oil, add this to the pan off
 the heat, sprinkle 1 pinch of chilli pepper.
8.Serve sprinkled with paprika, garnished with black olives and
 accompanied by lemon wedges.
9.Don't forget toast or Lebanese bread!

🚩 TipsTips and Tricks
My advice: always have a can of chickpeas and tahini in the pantry, 
because chances are you won't want to buy the hummus you bought 
at the grocery store after trying this recipe!


               ⚜️PER/PORTION                            PER/100G 

  •                  ✔️Calories                                      97 g
  •                  ✔️Protein                                          4 g 
  •                  ✔️Fat                                                  5 g 
  •                  ✔️Carbohydrates                           11 g
  •                  ✔️ Fiber                                             3  g 
  •                  ✔️Sodium                                  100 mg

    Enjoy it...Bon appetit

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