Polenta recipe easy way

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Polenta: how to prepare it..? here we go !!

Polenta, we don't think about it... And yet, this cornmeal is a real all-rounder. All you need is a little water and a pan to obtain a base full of promise. On Régal, we propose you to go deeper into the subject. Recipe ideas, ideal cooking, integration in dishes... In the kitchen!

⚜️The way of cooking its so easy, the rule is simple:

 polenta is cooked in 4 times its volume of water. Depending on the desired consistency, you can either remove a little water (for more thickness) or add more (for more fluidity).

⚜️Most of the available cornmeal is pre-cooked.

 Cooking is therefore much faster. It takes 2 to 3 minutes after pouring the polenta into boiling water. Check the cooking time on the package


Allergens: Lactose-cheese-gluten free

⚜️How to cook polenta?

Polenta is fun, it lends itself to all kinds of recipes. Once you have mastered its basic cooking, you can give it multiple forms: pizza dough, gnocchi, waffles, crackers, soufflé... Try it.

⚜️How to cook traditional polenta?

✔️Count 125 g of polenta for 2 persons, 250 g for 4 persons. For cooking, the rule is simple: polenta is cooked in 4 times its volume of water. Depending on the desired consistency, you can either remove a little water (for more thickness) or add some (for more fluidity), see below.

✔️In a thick-bottomed saucepan, bring the saltwater to a boil. Then pour 1/3 of the polenta in rain and mix immediately with a whisk to avoid lumps. Add the remaining 2/3 of the polenta and continue mixing. Continue cooking for the time indicated on the packet: between 3 and 10 minutes. Stir regularly with a wooden spoon. The semolina begins to thicken. It is cooked as soon as it comes away from the edges of the pan. Turn off the heat immediately to prevent it from forming too compact a block.

⚜️Recipe of natural and creamy polenta with Parmesan cheese

Cook it in 5 times its volume of liquid (water, milk, or a mixture of both). To find the right consistency, extend it with a little water or milk at the end of cooking. It will also be creamier if you add cheese to finish: Gorgonzola, mascarpone, Parmesan, etc.

⚜️Polenta balls

To make beautiful dumplings, add to the cooked polenta, still hot, 1 beaten egg, 50 g of cornstarch, and a little Parmesan cheese. When the mixture is lukewarm, roll the dumplings. If necessary, put a piece of melting cheese inside. Bread them and fry them in an oiled pan.

⚜️Thinking about polenta fries or stick.. the amazing idea

Cook it in 3 times its volume of water. When it reaches the right consistency, pour it into a gratin dish, and spread it with a spatula. You can even apply it in very thin layers between two baking sheets to make potato chips. Keep it in the fridge to let it harden. Cut the polenta into fries size, cubes, slices, or sticks and fry in butter or oil or fry the chips in the frying oil.

🚩 Tips :

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                                                                           Enjoy it...Bon appetit 

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