Bolognaise sauce recipe

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Bolognaise sauce easy recipe 

Originally from the city of Bologna, the Italian Bolognese sauce is called "ragù" and is one of the most popular Italian recipes. 

There are several variants of this recipe: the one we propose is an authentic family recipe from Bologna. The Bolognese sauce is perfect to season tagliatelle or to prepare lasagne.


 Preparation                       Cooking                        Portion(s)

   20 minutes                        3 hours                  6 servings 

⚜️ Ragu Alla  bolognese in Italy 

The Bolognese recipe is a dish, a meat dish, tomato purée, and vegetables, more than just a simple tomato sauce. In Italy, it is called "ragù alla bolognese". It is a stew, but in France, it is more easily said sauce bolognese, with meat and tomatoes. 

It accompanies a homemade pasta dish, which Italian mama's and even papas have the secret: tasting pasta in Italy, homemade pasta, with this homemade ragù is an indelible memory that has impregnated my taste buds, definitively. This Bolognese recipe, this "ragù" from Italy is a specialty of the Bologna region more precisely, prepared with minced meat simmered with a tomato purée called passata. 

Usually, it is a mixture of beef and pork, used in equal parts. But in this recipe, "inspired by" there is more beef than pork. Even though in Italy, there is an organization that validates recipes such as "Bolognese"... I can easily imagine that there are as many recipes for "Bolognese sauce" as there are Bolognese.

⚜️The Bolognese, a stew more than a sauce..

To get back to the recipe, ask your butcher for nice minced meat, beef fattier than usual, and tell him the recipe you are going to cook, he will know what to suggest. If the beef was too "thin", add bacon to enhance the flavor.

⚜️One last thing before you go into the kitchen

In this recipe from Italy we use passata as an ingredient. It is often a homemade passata, a family recipe made with fresh tomatoes, harvested at the best of the season in the vegetable garden. This homemade tomato puree allows you to preserve the tomatoes without losing the harvest and to make superb recipes with well-cooked and well-preserved ingredients. 

🚩Ingredients :

  ✔️ Ground beef 600 g
  ✔️ Minced pork 200 g (Optional)
  ✔️ Minced fat 200g instead of pork 
  ✔️ Ribbed celery (or celery stalk) 1 stalk
  ✔️ Carrot 1 nice or 2 small
  ✔️ White onions  2
  ✔️ Olive oil 4 Càs
  ✔️ Rosemary 1 or 2 sprigs 
  ✔️ Thyme 1 or 2 branches
  ✔️ Red wine 10 cl (Optional)
  ✔️ Passata (tomato purée) 1 kg
  ✔️ Salt
  ✔️ cinnamon powder
  ✔️ sugar semolina
  ✔️ Black pepper mill

🚩Instructions :

The Bolognese recipe step by step

✔️ Preparation of the ingredients :

- Wash all vegetables and herbs.

- Cut the celery stalk and carrots into small pieces with 3 to 4 mm sides.

- Cut the white onion finely with its greens.

- Collect the rosemary leaves and chop them finely.

✔️ Cooking vegetables :

- In the casserole add the olive oil and heat it up.

- Add the vegetables and stir them well with the wooden spoon and cook

     for 5 minutes.

- Lower the heat to medium, add a pinch of salt, and put the lid on.

- Leave 5 more minutes over medium heat, stirring occasionally.

    After these 10 minutes and the vegetables well colored...

✔️ Add the meat :

- Raise the heat to high.

- Add the meat, mixing it well with the vegetables to distribute the flavors.

- Add the thyme and chopped rosemary and continue mixing.

- When the meat starts to hang on the bottom of the pot and all the juice 

   has disappeared, add the meat and the vegetables.

✔️ Cooking vegetables, meat, and adding wine :

- Add the red wine and keep the heat on...

- Peel off the juices well with the wooden spoon.

- Continue cooking over high heat until the wine has completely evaporated 

   and the meat has taken on a nice brown color. This is an interesting phase,               important even because the aromas are formed at this point and

    increase the flavors of the ingredients.

- Once the wine has evaporated...

- Add the tomato puree (passata), season with 2 generous pinches of salt 

   and ground pepper, sugar, cinnamon a few nice turns, and replace the lid.

✔️ Simmering of the Bolognese :

- Place the casserole on a smaller burner and...

- Gradually lower the flame on very low heat to prepare the "simmering" 

    of very small broths.

- Simmer for 2 to 3 hours.

- After that, taste and season one last time if necessary...

The Bolognese is ready to be tasted: for you, it will be spaghetti or...?

🚩 Tips :

Accompany it with fresh spaghetti or pasta and grated parmesan or gruyere cheese, it's a delight! Can also be used in the preparation of lasagne.

As with all traditional recipes, there are essential basics and variations.

The essential ingredients are tomatoes, celery, onion, and carrot as well as meat. In Italy to prepare the "ragù di Carne", i.e. the minced meat stew, lean beef and fat pork, or even minced pork and sausage meat are used. Here I used beef and veal and it is less fat.

For tomatoes, they have to be peeled, seeded, and crushed whether they are fresh, frozen, or canned. They can also be blended before being poured into the pot.

There are white and red wines available. As for milk, it softens the acidity of the tomatoes. Some replace it with 2 or 3 spoons of cream, or sugar.

Enjoy it...Bon appetit

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