Creamy Pumpkin Soup With a Special Tasty Garnish

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 Pumpkin Soup

A creamy and autumnal soup that's good for everything.

      Preparation                       Cooking                        Portion(s)

      15 minutes                        30 minutes                  6 servings 

⚜️ Any soup fans here, it's the season of pumpkin to eat healthily?

Soup season has been well underway at home for the past few days, and we are enjoying the fall vegetables that are flooding the market stalls and gardens for the luckiest and most gardeners among us! I share the recipe for this pumpkin and fennel soup that we particularly enjoyed.

⚜️what to use to prepare this creamy soup

๐ŸšฉIngredients :

✔️500 g pumpkin 
✔️150 g leek
✔️100 g fresh Carrot 
✔️ 200 g onion (red or white )
✔️¼ l fresh light Milk
✔️¼ tsp salt
✔️¼ tsp Black Pepper
✔️80 g unsalted butter 

๐ŸšฉInstructions :

✔️This creamy and comforting soup it's light and delicious 
      1. Cut your pumpkin and remove the seeds inside with a tablespoon.
         Peel it and then carefully cut the flesh of the pumpkin into very
         small regular cubes. The smaller the pieces, the faster the 
         pumpkin will cook.
     2. peeled carrot and leek and cut it into small cubes.
     3. peeled onion and cut it into a cubes
     4.Melt the butter in a pot. Add the onion, pumpkin, leek, carrot, 
        and stir it very well.
     5. Add water until it covers the ingredients.
     6. covering the pot until the flesh is very soft.
     7. Add the fresh milk and blend the pumpkin soup in a blender 
         or soup tureen to make a pumpkin veloutรฉ. Put the saucepan
         of pumpkin soup with milk back on the heat a little to warm up. 
     8. Serve this delicious cream of pumpkin soup hot, accompanied 
         by the special baguette chips topped with the special garnish 

⚜️How to prepare nice baguette chips well garnished and highly care presented

      ✔️ For this recipe, we need to have these ingredients below 

๐ŸšฉIngredients :

✔️ 01 pc of french baguette with black seeds
✔️ 80g white cream cheese 
✔️100 g turkey ham bacon
✔️ 100g red cherry tomato
✔️ 100g yellow cherry tomato
✔️ 80 g leek leaves 
✔️ 10 g fresh herbs or coriander leaves 
✔️ 50 g button mushroom 
✔️ ¼ tsp salt
✔️ ¼ tsp Black Pepper
✔️ 60 cl virgin olive oil

๐ŸšฉInstructions :

1. cut the baguette into nicely fine chips brushed with some olive oil 
   and roasted for 10 mn/160c.
2. ones the chip cold down garnished with some cream cheese, 
     roasted mushroom, tomato and topped with herbs or coriander leaves.
3. serve your baguette chips with pumpkin soup or you can use as 
     a garnish to any other soup

Here Is How To Preaper It 


๐Ÿšฉ Tips :

⚜️Nutritional Information :
✔️ Calories: 127kcal 
✔️ Carbohydrates: 22g 
✔️ Protein: 5g 
✔️ Fat: 2g  
✔️ Saturated Fat: 1g 
✔️ Cholesterol: 4mg 
✔️ Sodium: 530mg 
✔️ Potassium: 791mg 
✔️ Fiber: 3g 
✔️ Sugar: 6g 
✔️ Vitamin A: 14590IU 
✔️ Vitamin C: 35.1mg 
✔️ Calcium: 73mg 
✔️ Iron: 3.9mg

Enjoy it...Bon appetit

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