Rice Pudding With Oats Dried Fruit creative by chef Zahira easy recipe to follow.

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 Rice Pudding With Oats Dried Fruit

Preparation                       Cooking                        Portion(s)

25 minutes                        80 minutes                  6 servings

⚜️what is rice pudding any idea?

Rice pudding its an Arabic authentic dessert healthy, low-calorie, but its slightly sweet and aromatic taste and soft texture make it a very comforting dessert!

⚜️what to use to prepare this pudding 

🚩Ingredients :

✔️500 g Egyptian rice 
✔️50 g chia seeds
✔️⅔ cup blossom orange water 
✔️03 pc cinnamon stick
✔️¼ tsp salt
✔️½ l full-fat milk
✔️¼ unsweetened condensed milk 
✔️½ cup roasted oats with dry raisin 
✔️⅔ cup peeled dates 

🚩Instructions :

✔️This creamy and comforting dish is healthier than many others.
     1.  in a casserole Bring to low boil water with salt.
     2. Add rice and lower the heat to low, cover and simmer 40mn time.
     3. Add milk, sugar, cinnamon stick, condensed milk 
     4. Cook over low heat for 15 minutes, stirring constantly, 
        without ceasing to stir or until the preparation thickens.
    5. for the plating in a small bowl, I place first chia then on top rice pudding 
    6. garnish with roasted oats and dry raisin topped dates 

Here is The Video Of This Recipe 

⚜️Nutritional Information :
✔️354 calories 
✔️13 g  proteins
✔️ 50 g carbohydrates
✔️ 4 g fiber
✔️12 g total lipids
✔️1 g saturated fat
✔️106 mg Cholesterol
✔️256 mg sodium

Enjoy it...Bon appetit

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