French onion soup

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French Onion Soup

Onion soup is often associated with marriage and is usually served late at night or early in the morning. But it is also a very pleasant dish in winter, full of goodness, and economical.

 Preparation                       Cooking                        Portion(s)

  10 minutes                         45 minutes                   04 servings

All about the traditional onion soup

The tradition of onion soup goes back to the time of the monarchy. King Louis XV was looking for something to eat in the middle of the night and had only a few things on hand, so he made onion soup! So, of course, the recipe has evolved over time, but the base often remains the same: onions, white wine or stock, butter, a little flour to thicken slightly, bread and grated cheese. Discover now a recipe for old-fashioned onion soup, like the one our grandmothers used to make.

Origins of the onion soup...

Legend has it that the recipe for onion soup was invented by Louis XV when he had only champagne, onions, and butter at his disposal during a hunting party.

Although the origin of onion soup has since been widely disputed, the tradition has endured in France: onion soup is now an emblematic dish of French cuisine.

How to make onion soup?

Far from the mixed vegetable soups, the traditional onion soup is composed of a beef broth, in which we find onions slowly caramelized in butter, pieces of toasted bread in the oven, croutons, and grated Emmental or Gruyere cheese.

How to prepare it?

Light and tasty, onion soup is not prepared like vegetable soups, which are cooked directly in the broth. Here, the onions are first sautéed in a piece of fresh butter, before being basted with beef broth. The broth can be leftover from a pot-au-feu cooked the day before, for example.

You can also use stock cubes, such as Kub OR, which instantly season the onion soup. Once the onions have melted, the soup is poured into a bowl.

Once the onions have melted, the soup is poured into a bowl, then toast with butter, and put the bowl with the cheese under the broiler to grease the onion soup.

Let's revisit the traditional recipe...

If the most common onion soup recipe is prepared with grated Emmental or Gruyère cheese, for simplicity's sake, we can also take inspiration from Auvergne traditions. Inherited from the shepherds who went on transhumance, the recipe for Auvergne onion soup is made with ewe's tome or Saint-Nectaire, cheeses with a stronger taste than Emmental or Gruyere. You can also add a little Roquefort or Bleu d'Auvergne to obtain an onion soup with character.

Onion soup gratinated 

Even more gourmet, the onion soup au gratin will delight the taste buds and warm the hearts and bodies. Follow the recipe below,

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🚩Ingredients :

  ✔️4 large onions
  ✔️50 g butter
  ✔️ 150 g grated comté cheese
  ✔️100 g gruyere 
  ✔️1/2 sourdough baguette
  ✔️2 sprigs of thyme
  ✔️1 tablespoon of flour
  ✔️salt and pepper

🚩Instructions :

Peel and chop the onions. Melt the butter in a saucepan and sauté the onions for about 10 minutes, covered. Then remove the lid and let the onions caramelize until they turn brown. Gently pour in the flour and stir for 30 seconds. Then add a glass of very hot water and mix gently, making sure that the onions do not stick to the bottom of the pan. Then add 1 liter of hot water. Finally, add the seasoning: thyme, salt, and pepper, and let cook for 15 minutes without the lid. Ideally, arrange the soup in individual ramekins. Cut the baguette into slices and toast them, then place them on the soup. Sprinkle with grated Comté cheese and put the ramekins in the oven, grill position, to brown. It's ready!

How to make onion soup without wine
Onion soup can be made with dry white wine, but it is not necessary. If you don't want to use white wine in your soup, then replace it with poultry, beef, or vegetable stock. The other ingredients and quantities remain the same, as well as the preparation steps.

I LOVE onion soup.

I find this meal so comforting, especially during the cold season. I tested it for several days to find the best tips for you to make an ultra-satisfying onion soup. I asked my friends and family a thousand and one questions for my kitchen tests.

The advice was unanimous! The trick with homemade onion soup is to cook the onions well. You almost have to caramelize them to the point where you doubt they will burn. Of course, you don't want to burn them, just caramelize them to the point of "oops, it's too late". Advice from my sister-in-law, a great cook.


You can also place the bread slices on the plates, sprinkle them with cheese, add pepper and pour the hot soup over them. Slices of farmhouse bread are a good substitute for a baguette.

 Enjoy it...Bon appetit

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